The AltiWare administrator (AltiAdmin) allows you to easily manage all switching, extension, workgroup, and messaging functions using intuitive windows that guide you through the configuration steps for each feature. AltiAdmin communicates with the AltiGen phone system via TCP/IP, allowing you to remotely manage your phone system from virtually anywhere.

Max Administrator allows you to configure:
  • All Trunk and Extension Features
  • Outbound and Inbound Call Routing
  • Auto Attendants / IVR
  • Call Center Workgroups & Agent Configurations
  • Voice Messaging
  • AltiGen VoIP Phone Configuration
  • Database and Configuration backup / restore functions
  • Holiday / Business Schedules

Also available within AltiAdmin is system performance reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Max Administrator displays real time information on:
  • Extension Status
  • Trunk Status
  • Recent Calls
  • IP Session Status
  • Packets Sent / Received
  • Bytes Sent / Received
  • Packets Lost
  • Average Jitter
  • Codec in use
  • Workgroup Information

Diagnostic tools are also available for troubleshooting possible configuration problems when they are encountered along with a comprehensive online help facility.